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〈判定〉 (a) decision; 【形式ばった表現】 (a) judgment. Copyright (C) 1994- Nichigai Associates, Inc., All rights reserved. 意見, 解釈上, 解読, 考える, 決断, 決定, 根拠, 審査, 推測, 推論, 判定, 評価, 読む, 理由, わけ, 推量, 確定, 読み取りデータ All Rights Reserved. Copyright (c) 1995-2020 Kenkyusha Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

(determine the result of (a competition)), (the act of making up your mind about something), (the act of judging or assessing a person or situation or event), (the final judgment in a legal proceeding), (a judgment of the qualities of something or somebody), (the capacity to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and to draw sound conclusions), (the mental ability to understand and discriminate between relations), (the cognitive process of reaching a decision or drawing conclusions), (=判定)judgment; inference; conclusion:(=する) to judge (by some data); to infer (the unknown from the known); to conclude (from some data); to decipher (an inscription, etc.), (=占い)divination; fortune-telling:(=する) to divine; to tell fortunes, the ability to judge something発音を聞く - EDR日英対訳辞書, ピン留めアイコンをクリックすると単語とその意味を画面の右側に残しておくことができます。, Weblio専門用語対訳辞書はプログラムで機械的に意味や英語表現を生成しているため、不適切な項目が含まれていることもあります。ご了承くださいませ。, Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group, conclusion; adjudication; judgement; decision; judgment. Copyright © 2020 CJKI.

make an error of [【形式ばった表現】 err in one's] judgment. 「決断」というニュアンスの「判断」は 「decision」 (ディシジョン)で、動詞形の「判断する」は「decide(ディサイド)」です。